AKRON® Lubricant Oils

We create products that move your industry, your vehicle, your world.

AKRON® Fuels

Real service and fuel stations that will take you further.

AKRON® Storage

Capacity of 150,000 barrels of fuel. Move with national and imported fuel.


With a global vision, AKRON® expands its productive and commercial capacity with the creation of a company dedicated to the exploration and production of hydrocarbons in Mexico and the United States, which will allow the diversification of energy generation and consumption in the context of global demand to achieve an energy transition to more efficient renewable sources.

AKRON® Supply

Through the years, AKRON® has developed business alliances with refineries, storage terminals, logistics companies and traders with worldwide coverage, which has allowed us to establish a company in the United States with the capacity to supply petroleum and petrochemical products competitively and with efficient logistics, both to the companies of the group and to other clients in Mexico and Latin America.

AKRON® Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

AKRON® is currently exploring and evaluating the possibility of adapting the franchise model that currently exists in Mexico, to serve the United States market

AKRON® Lubricant Oils

Setting Mexico's quality standards high before the world, AKRON® now reaches 12 countries in Latin America with oils, additives and specialties certified by the best automotive brands worldwide. Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Bolivia, these countries move with the best oils.


Efficient, innovative and
sustainable energy partner.

Our history has led us to understand and learn from local markets, which also allows us to carry out global internships to dynamize and activate the industry.

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En AKRON® enfocamos todos nuestros recursos y talento en generar soluciones confiables dirigidas al sector energético. Nuestro mundo se mueve a diario alrededor del tuyo.