We believe in innovation as one of our main engines of growth. We are a group of energy with energy that seeks to reinvent itself, propose and experiment every day to create new work processes and more sustainable, innovative and technological business models.

Digital Transformation

Technology and data intelligence underpin our digital transformation and the group's energy transition.

Investigation and development

In order to sustain our aspiration, we created a specific research and development area dedicated to exploring trends in the energy market and developing new business models for transition and renewable energies.

Some of the work lines are:

  • Electric energy with photovoltaic.
  • Green hydrogen.
  • Circular economy.
  • Biofuels.


At Akron® We have a talented, committed and valuable human team, determined to face and overcome the challenges posed by a world of transformation and competitiveness.

Our People

For AKRON®, our collaborators are a key and fundamental piece, which is why we invite you to be part of us.

Why be part of AKRON®?

We are a source of employment, all working for the same effort, which is the movement and energy in Mexico, the United States and Latin America, firm in looking forward to go further, we are looking for people willing to work with ethics and values, achieving the goals of the company , as well as their own in an environment of competitiveness and collaborative work in the great family that which is AKRON®.

We are looking for the best talent.


What are we looking for?

People with energy and attitude, innovative, with leadership and commitment. We want you to join the more than 800 families that directly depend financially on the work generated by this company.

Don't see any vacancies that match your profile?

Join your energy to ours.

Send us your CV to the email address: and be part of AKRON®

We are an energy group with energy. Leading the market, sustainable, innovative and well-being generators for the people and for the community.

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En AKRON® enfocamos todos nuestros recursos y talento en generar soluciones confiables dirigidas al sector energético. Nuestro mundo se mueve a diario alrededor del tuyo.