110Million litters distributed last year

Competitive advantages and business opportunities

  • > To be part of a distribution network that currently has an 18% of the market share (2nd place).
    > Wide range of last generation products that allows to participate in any market niche of lubricants, greases and additives.
    > Short response times in lab analysis for oils in service that gives the clients complete lubricating systems.
    > Lubricant and additives Mexican company that has the experience and methodology of sales and follow up to service centers.
    > Offer a wide range of differentiated products, designed for specific market niches currently covered only by our brand.
  • > Brand national presence.
    > Manage proper stock levels, designed according to the company’s distribution needs, considering there are two manufacturing plants and the response logistic times are very short.
    > Great human capital with branch expertise that supports the technical follow up to after-sales service.
    > Distributor margins in highly differentiated products and price competitiveness in low differentiated products.
    > Consultancy and know-how of Mexico’s market leader; a company that takes part in every distribution channel there is in the national territory.
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